The program for the Ball is:

  1. Gypsy Tap
  2. Grand March
  3. Foundation Quadrille Fig 1 – 3
  4. Frangipani Waltz
  5. Jacaranda Dance
  6. Thady You Gander
  7. Golden Wattle Waltz Quadrille
  8. Numerella Jig
  9. Lilac Waltz
  10. Galopade Quadrille
  11. Maxina
  12. Floriade
  13. BlackWattle Reel
  14. Casuarina Waltz Quadrille
  15. (Daisy) Chain Dbl Quadrille
  16. Posties Jig
  17. La Russe Quadrille
  18. Silver Wattle Waltz
  19. Flowers of Edinburgh
  20. Southern Rose Waltz
  21. Gumnut’s Quadrille (if time remaining)

INSTRUCTIONS for all of these dances are available from our caller’s web site – see Don is in the process of creating a new listing especially for the Colonial Ball where all the dances may be found in one place.

Dances from the program are being practiced at Bush Dance Workshops on Monday Evenings.

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