ContraPop is folk dancing to the latest & greatest pop music! Folk dancing has a long 500+ year history and is fun, social, and good for your health.

An evening’s dances will be chosen from any of several folk-dance traditions, depending on numbers, but the unifying feature will be the use of pop music wherever possible.

Dancers of all experience levels welcome! No partner necessary, but the more the merrier so bring your friends & family along. Wear flats as there is a lot of movement. Tea & coffee are available by coin donation. Parents are welcome to bring kids (only issue may be a few dodgy lyrics in a few pop songs). Kids can join in the dancing if they can cope, otherwise there’s a playground in an enclosed space and other facilities to keep kids amused.

WHEN:  Fridays 6 – 8 pm

WHERE:  Turner Scout Hall, 11 Masson St, Turner

HOW MUCH: Pay at the door or pre-purchase tickets online. See below for details.

CONTACT:  Simon  0434 059 978

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ContraPop birthday party on Stage 88

ContraPop at Glebe Park Rotunda

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Designed by Nicola V

Designed by Nicola V

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