AGM 2021

Information for 2021 MFS Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2021

Agenda: Monaro Folk Society Annual General Meeting 2021

Monaro Folk Society Annual General Meeting Proxy Form

Committee Nomination Form

Minutes Monaro Folk Society Annual General Meeting 2020


Annual Reports


President’s Annual Report 2021                         Not yet submitted

Treasurer’s Annual Report 2021                         Treasurers_Report_2020-21

Income/Expenditure Financial Report 2020-21 MFS_Financial_Statements_2020-21

Assets & Liabilities 2019-20                             Not yet submitted

Auditor’s Report 2021                                      Review of accounts 2021

Section 73 Report                                              Not yet submitted

Membership Report                                           Not yet submitted


Subgroup Reports


MFS ECD Report Jul – Nov 2020                  MFS ECD Reporting 2020 July – Nov

MFS ECD Report Feb – June 2020                MFS ECD Reporting 2021 Feb – June

BDG Annual Report 2020-21                        BDG Annual Report 2021 final 2

Contra Report 2020-21                                  Canberra_Contra_Club_annual_report_20190717_draft

EOMDOT Report for 2020-21                      EOMDOT Report for 2020-21

ISD Annual Report 2020-21                          ISD Annual Report 2021

Merry Muse Report 2020-21                        Merry Muse 21 Annual report v1

Monaro Musings Annual Report 2020-21         Not yet submitted

Settlers Annual Report 2020-21                   Settlers Annual Report 2021

SITW Activity and Budget Report 2020-21  MFS SITW AGM report 2021

TNMG Annual Report 2020-21                    TNMG Monaro Folk Society For AGM 2021 (002)


MFS Equipment Register 2021




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