MFS Code of Conduct

We, the Committee members, officers and volunteers jointly and individually commit to the following Principles:

1. To work together, enjoying participation, consultation and co-operation, and creativity, in line with the Society’s aims and objectives:

“To devise, advocate, promote, conduct and encourage the adoption of measures which may seem to the society to foster enjoyment and assist education in, and knowledge of all aspects of folk lore including folk singing, folk dance, folk music, folk stories, folk ballads, folk poetry and folk literature in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia and overseas.” (from Rules of Association)

2. To be inclusive: we celebrate that all our members have something unique to contribute and we value their beliefs, knowledge and experiences irrespective of race, religion, colour, age, gender, creed, or musical and artistic tastes

3. To work in a friendly and courteous way, with honesty and respecting requests for confidentiality. When in public on MFS business we aim to be friendly and courteous even when, on occasions, we need to act with firm authority. We avoid actions that could bring the Society into disrepute.

4. To give assistance and support to our colleagues: we acknowledge ethical or practical dilemmas exist and offer to give our colleagues whatever advice, assistance and support we can when they request.

5. To help resolve disputes: when complaints or disputes arise we will be open about the processes for resolution and we will use these processes when necessary. (Disputes are currently dealt with by the President in a fair and confidential manner until the Society adopts a simple and fair disputes procedure, open to all, which will be posted on the website.)

6. To focus on safety: A safe environment for our members, guests and performers is our shared responsibility, and to help ensure a safe environment we each will promptly notify a member of the Committee of any perceived risk factors that arise, and accidents or near-misses that occur in connection with the Society’s activities. We will also be generally forthcoming in offering to the Committee constructive suggestions on ways in which safety may be improved.

7. To be open and tolerant: we encourage lively exchange of ideas and opinions on issues of interest and benefit to our folk community. We aim to concentrate on facts and truth and to listen with tolerance and forbearance when different opinions are expressed.

8. To aim for a high standard in communication: our magazine, website and other media such as membership leaflets and brochures will aim for best practice in terms of journalism and reflect our ethical values. (Editorial Guidelines covering internal and external media will be posted on the website in due course, so that all members can read and contribute to their evolution.)

9. Change and evolution: our Committee will be open to suggestions from its members and undertakes to give each written suggestion for the Society’s improvement a fair hearing and feedback.

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