Irish Set Dancing



(but see below for FREE classes on 28 September & 5 October
and 16th annual Irish Set Dancing weekend 7-9 October)

All welcome, including new dancers. No experience or partner required.


Interested in learning to dance? Do you enjoy socialising with people who love to dance? Want to have fun while getting great exercise?

ALL are very welcome to Irish Set Dancing classes on Wednesday evenings (7.30 to 9.30pm)
Suitable for adults of all ages. No experience or partner necessary. All dances are taught and called. First two classes are FREE.

While Irish Set Dancing is done in couples, you don’t need to have a partner in order to come along! We regularly swap people around so that people get a chance to dance with many experienced dancers. We’ve found that this is the best way for new dancers to learn set dancing.

Ask us if you would like a class for new dancers, focussing on the basic steps and some of the more popular sets. These can be arranged when there are sufficient numbers interested.

If you want to see how much fun you can have, and hear how wonderful the music is to dance to, have a look at the many Irish Set Dancing clips on youtube.

North Canberra Baptist Church Hall, 17 Condamine St Turner. – Location map


Two FREE beginner/refresher sessions: 28 September & 5 October 2022

New to Irish Set Dancing? Do you want to brush up on your dancing for the 16th annual Irish Set Dancing weekend 7-9 October?

Come along to one or both of these FREE sessions. ALL welcome. No experience or partner required. Learn some basics and practice sets on the ceili program for the October dance weekend. Light supper included.


Classes planned for 2022:

Term 1:  2 February – 6 April
Term 2:  4 May – 29 June
Term 3:  20 July – 21 September
Term 4:  12 October – 14 December

MFS Members $8 / Non-MFS $9
10 week pass available at a discounted rate: $70 MFS / $80 Non-MFS
First two classes are FREE.

Contact Christine


16th annual Canberra Irish Set Dancing weekend, Friday 7 October – Sunday 9 October 2022

Come along to the annual Irish Set Dancing weekend held at the Hall Pavilion. Dance and socialise with around 100 enthusiastic dancers from around Australia and, on occasion, from Ireland. The event is suitable for both new and experienced dancers. No partner required. You are guaranteed a fun-filled weekend of workshops with experienced teachers and three ceilis dancing to live music. You can come along to the whole weekend or selected sessions.


Irish Set Dancing Ceilis

We traditionally run a ‘mini-ceili’ on the last Wednesday of Terms 1, 2 and 3, giving dancers the opportunity to enjoy favourite sets with minimal teaching and walk-throughs. The last week of Term 4, Wednesday 14 December 2022, is a Christmas party and mini-ceili.


Deck Dances

Our tradition of social dancing at a host’s home (deck) a couple of times during the year is currently in abeyance. We will review feasibility during 2022.


What to bring

The recommended footwear is shoes with leather or hard ‘slippery’ soles that allow easy movement of the feet. Irish Set Dancing has a ‘gliding’ step where the feet brush the ground and ‘swings’ with a partner where dancers keep one foot on the floor while pushing around with the other. Wearing running shoes or shoes that ‘grab’ the floor will put a lot of pressure on knees and make dancing a lot more difficult. Feel free to come along to the first session in whatever you have, as we can demonstrate the many styles of footwear that suit. Please don’t bring tap shoes or shoes with metal soles as they may damage the floor.

Most people choose to wear casual clothing with room to move. In colder weather, layered clothing is useful as dancing is great exercise, making us warm whatever the weather.

Please don’t wear perfume/after shave. It may impact on the enjoyment of others, especially those who may experience allergies.



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