New Year’s Eve Dance

When: Tuesday, 31 December 2019   from 8:00 pm until after we see the New Year in.

Where: The atmospheric Yarralumla Woolshed     Location map

Dance the evening away with the “Burnt Roast”.  Calling by Colin Towns and Bob Buckley.  All dances taught and called, so no experience necessary.

Cost is just $25 for adults, $23 for group entry and concessions, $20 for MFS members, $13 for students, under 18s free.
No booking required – tickets at the door.

Please bring a plate of supper to share. BYO drinks but entry price includes a bottomless cup of tea, coffee, water or cordial.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably! Bush dancing is great exercise, and it is a good workout, and so don’t overdress. Even if it is cool you probably won’t want to wear a jumper or long sleeves while dancing. Layers of clothing work well, just as in Cross-Country skiing. Women often enjoy dancing in a skirt, as skirts flow to the music. Casual shirts are common dress. Don’t worry about what to wear – there is no special costume, just be comfortable. You probably will get warm as you dance.

What about shoes?

Since we dance on hardwood floors, many people bring a separate pair of shoes from the ones they wear to the dance. Clean off any grit from outside that might be on the soles of your shoes and could damage the floor. If possible, it is preferable not to dance in shoes with rubber soles, as these are harder on your joints – ankles, knees and hips in the long run. But people have danced in joggers, tennis shoes or whatever. The main thing is that your shoes are comfortable for you for active dancing. This normally means flat, comfortable shoes with smooth soles.

Contact: Antonella

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