Bush Capital Band

Bush Capital Band at the National Folk Festival  –  Photo by Claude Barret

The Bush Capital Band usually plays the music for the Bush Dance Group (BDG) Bush Dance evenings on Monday nights, as well as for other Bush Dances held by the MFS and outside groups.

The Monday venue during autumn, winter & spring is currently the North Canberra Baptist Church Hall, 17 Condamine Street, Turner, ACT.  Over summer, the venue is Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park, Parkes ACT. Check our What’s On page for coming events.

For the Monday night classes the format is ‘open stage’ where the opportunity exists for new and/or inexperienced musicians to join in and play along.  The music is normally played at acoustic level with a minimal PA system provided to allow the band leader and the caller to be heard above the general din.

The group is lead by Bob Hodgson (chromatic harmonica) and Dave Wardle (other things), and consists mainly of sight reading musicians, although some prefer to play by ear.  The music the band plays is a mixture of the Anglo Celtic traditions and includes a healthy proportion of tunes collected from Australian sources.  Sheet music / PDF files are available for all of the current repertoire.

Instruments represented in the group include piano/keyboard, various accordions, harmonica, flute/whistle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass and percussion.

For further information on the Bush Capital Band, contact:

Dave: 02 6258 8374 or email ua.moc.liamezo@eldrawjd
Geoff: moc.sevacrepsajeew@ffoeg

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