Colonial Ball 2018 Dance Program & Instructions

Dance Instructions – Comments by John Short on the Program for the 2018 Monaro Folk Society Ball

(For instructions click on the dances below – a couple still to come, soon.)

  1. Freestyle Waltz
  2. Grand March
  3. Masonic Quadrille (5 Figures) (WA)
  4. Merry Widow Waltz (NSW)
  5. Adelaide Race Day (SA)
  6. Numeralla Jig (NSW)
  7. Queensland Boston Two Step (Qld)
  8. Perth Meets Perth (WA)
  9. Overland Telegraph (NT)
  10. Barn Dance, Progressive
  11. Swirling Waters (ACT)
  12. John-McDouall-Stuart (SA & NT)
  13. Speedy Quadrille (4 Figures) (Vic)
  14. The Cameron’s Prince of Wales Schottische (Tas)
  15. Double Sir Roger De Coverley
  16. Pride of Erin (Vic)
  17. Federation Waltz (Aust)
  18. Gypsy Tap / Gipsy Tap (NSW)
  19. Freestyle Waltz

Dances from the program are being practiced at Bush Dance Workshops on Monday Evenings.




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